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As a market leader in global air freight forwarding.


Bliss Logistics concentrates on highly customized and integrated logistics services. Logistics can be defined as the management of global supply chains. Our services include management of customs procedures, setting up of assembly and manufacturing plants; groupage; warehousing; information logistics services; transportation with a selection of carriers, and negotiation of tariffs.
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We focus on the logistics needs of our customer by integrating transportation, warehousing, inventory control, order processing, customs brokerage, and other logistics activities in using an efficient supply chain management system.

We also guarantee that planning, steering and controlling of all logistics procedures will be tailor-made for all our customers with a long-term strategic support.

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Secure Packaging

Logistics and packaging are basic business leverages for a modern organization, and therefore any developments can mean opportunities and produce gains. Packaging is a fundamental resource for end-customers and all actors involved in the entire supply chain.

Packaging is a coordinated system of preparing goods for safe, secure, efficient and effective handling, transport, distribution, storage, retailing, consumption and recovery, reuse or disposal combined with maximizing consumer value, sales and hence profit.

The primary aim of logistics has always been achieving customer satisfaction. However, packaging can affect a product’s dependability, quality, speed, costs, and flexibility, while also having an impact on its life cycle. For the need of logistics, depending on the market needs, appropriate marking system is selected for the packaging, i.e., its kind, type, bar code format, or the size of transponder, for electronic marking. These assists in secure packaging.


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Being attentive, precise, and committed are how we describe Bliss World Logistics & Shipping Pvt Ltd who we have been working with for the past years. Action speaks louder than words. Our Congratulations, Compliments, and Best Wishes to Bliss World Logistics for their 18 years of service in the field.

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I am Umamaheswaran from Mitsuba India Private Limited leading manufacturer of Automobile products.
I remembered in May 2005 Mr Chandrasekar, Director of Bliss World Logistics called me for company inauguration.

A Umamaheswaran

We received fantastic support from Bliss World Logistics for the past 8+ years. Really appreciate your entire team’s efforts follow-ups and Proactive communication. This helped lot to fulfill the customer expectation and satisfaction. Thanks.

Stephen Raj S
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Best Logistics company in chennai , India

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