Packaging for hazardous goods and chemicals must meet certain requirements for transport and storage. We have experience with your requirements and recommend packaging that is specially suited to your filling material. Buy hazardous goods packaging directly from the manufacturer – we are happy to advise you.

Packaging for Hazardous Goods & Chemicals

Hazardous Goods Packaging with Securing Cushioning

Our hazardous goods packaging is equipped with securing cushioning of corrugated cardboard for hazardous goods. Packaging for hazardous goods is certified pursuant to guidelines for hazardous goods and protects your products. Cushioning of double wall corrugated carboard is used to secure the hazardous goods.

Hazardous Goods Packaging for the Global Transport of Airbags

Airbags are sent and transported safely around the world with the hazardous goods packaging. The certified hazardous goods packaging is composed of a wooden pallet, a semi-folding box, a corrugated cardboard ring, metal mesh cage, partition sets for the airbags and a lid.

The hazardous goods packaging of corrugated cardboard, wood and metal is delivered compressed as a set and can be quickly and easily assembled without tools. Even the mesh cage of the hazardous goods packaging can be folded and inserted into the pallet containers. The compact delivery of the hazardous goods packaging saves space and costs for warehousing and logistics. The airbags are packaged into partition sets like they will later be installed in automotive industry production.

Be simplify the complex world of supply chain management to make your life easier.